Who am I?

I am a journalist, musician, videographer and worship leader. Everything else fits somewhere in the middle.

I grew up without growing up. Does that make sense? Let me explain. It honestly took the loss of my dad to wake me up and do something with my life. My dad died in 2009 from pancreatic cancer. From there, I knew I had to step up in life.

So I finished my degree, earning my bachelor’s degree in 2011 at Eastern Kentucky University in journalism/broadcast news and electronic media. During my collegiate career, well the two years at Eastern, I was the Editor-in-chief and sports editor at the Eastern Progress. I earned several writing awards, and was also the president of the Society of Professional Journalists. I entered EKU with less than par credentials, because I had blown everything off the first go around. But my dad’s death opened many doors. I was named the 2011 commencement speaker at my graduation and also was the lead in the musical “Beauty and the Beast.”

Besides print journalism, I grew up a musician. I loved to sing, and later in life, I took on the guitar. After several decent attempts at being a “rockstar,” I decided to switch gears and form my own band. In September of 2010, the Darren Zancan Band was born. My first album, “Masquerade Ball” was released in October 2011, under the guidance of Gary Loizzo, who works with STYX, REO Speedwagon and more, and Danny Leake, who works with Sting, Janet Jackson and more.

I moved back to Indiana in 2011, bought my first house and went after a dream: Northwestern University. I got in, and was awarded two scholarships. In June of 2012, I will have earned my master’s of science in journalism degree. At Northwestern, I really learned that my journalistic passion is in video, so I applied for my own company, and after school is done, I will focus on DMZ Video Productions, LLC.

Through this entire life journey, my dad also brought me back to my faith. I realized that our generation of people (teens all the way up to people in their 40’s), are often disinterested in faith, church and God. After years of ignoring certain calls, I soon saw that I was called to use my musical abilities to start a worship service geared toward our generation (Not completely finished yet, as the service is still being set up).

That’s just a bit about me. Really those are my passions. Like I said, everything else just fills in the gaps.

This blog site will touch on everything. That’s why I wrote about the big loves in my life, so you can learn more about them.


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